3 Great Ideas for Fitness Website Designs


fitnessWebsite design varies based on the niche or intended purpose for the website. It is not possible to have a food blog having the same design as a fitness blog. They might share a few features, but at some point, they will have to be distinct. Having a fitness website is good because many people are looking for ways to deal with their fitness issues. It is not just about creating a website, but creating something that sells. Here are three ideas on how a great fitness website should look.

Give the readers a user-friendly Website

The first thing a user would want is a website that is easy to navigate. Having a clumsy website might not be interesting to as many people as you want. Having proper navigation should help a person get all the relevant information within a short time. Use the menus and sub-menus to highlight the important categories on the website.

Another way of making it easy for the user to get important information is through using the search bar. It would not be proper if a website lacks a search bar. The search bar helps the user to search and find the fitness information on the website without having to go through the menu bars.

The overall design starting with the color schemes, the number of columns and other website features should be arranged in an appealing manner. Someone would feel comfortable using a fitness blog that is appealing to look at and has its features in the right places.

Optimize for mobile traffic

Think about it, many people are accessing the internet using their mobile devices. These devices do not have the same screen size as the laptops and desktops. This calls for optimizing the mobile version of your fitness website.  You can check out these tools to help you.

Instead of having to design two separate websites, one for mobile and other for desktop, consider using a responsive design. A responsive design makes the website to resize based on the device screen size. It will save you a lot of time and money by skipping the part of designing different websites.

Mobile traffic is quite important than many people realize. It is about time that you capitalized on making sure that it works for you.

Give them a review section and more call-to-action links

The readers will want to know if the product works. The use of reviews posted on the website is a great way of helping the user know more about the fitness products and equipment. The reviews should be collected from people who have used the product. You will be providing false information by writing the reviews yourself without prior use of the equipment.

The reviews give the reader a feeling that the blog or website owner has extensive knowledge about the devices listed on the website. A website such as Elliptical Reviews just like this: http://homefitnessintel.com/best-elliptical-machine-reviews/ is a perfect example of how the website reviews should be structured to offer extensive knowledge on the subject. Another example is this page: http://homefitnessintel.com/octane-elliptical-reviews/

Now that you have offered the reader with review information, you need call-to-action links to get them buying the products. Call-to-action words or links are what will make the client feel interested enough to buy the product. That will not happen if you have done a shoddy work writing the reviews. Make the reviews are interesting and informative.

How to Create a Great Wedding Photographer Website

windwakeAs a photographer, it is important to showcase your work and make your skills known to potential clients. Just like any line of work, photographers also need to create their own portfolio and there are many ways to do it nowadays—even online. As a wedding photographer, you will find it helpful that your portfolio is online so that people can browse through your work and hire you or recommend you to their friends. Making a good wedding photography website may sound expensive but it’s really simple and easy. If you are already thinking of starting an online portfolio, here are the steps that you need to follow.

Choose a website that you are going to use.

There are many different websites that lets you upload your works to create your portfolio. These websites will also give you the address of your website. Some examples of these kinds of websites are Flickr, Pixpa, Posterous and many more. Research on these websites and decide which one you are going to use. Make sure that you know everything including the fee (if there are any) and the advertisements that come with a free account. If you are aiming for a high quality website, you might not want to have banners and ads on it.

Think of a catchy name for your website.

The name of your website will determine the amount of traffic that it will generate. If you pick a name that will catch your potential client’s attention, you are on your way to making business. You need to remember that your name needs to sound professional at all times. Many photographers use their first and last name for their website address to make sure that they get their names out there, but if you dare to be different, then it’s really up to you.

Pick your best works.

Go through all the photoshoots that you have saved on your computer and pick the best ones. These pictures that you pick are going to be at the front of your portfolio and are what the visitors of your website will first see. It’s important that you show your best works so that people will be interested to browse through your other works. Make sure that the photos that you put as your front liners are high quality and have a good story going on. You also need to pick a good website design that will fit the theme of your website.  Most websites already have default designs that you can choose from but if you want to have someone make a custom design for you, you can also opt for that.

Optimize your website for different search engines.

This may be the last step but it is also very important because it will determine the amount of traffic that will go to your website. There are many SEO companies that can do this for you for a small price. If what you are aiming for is a higher profit and a wider client base, this is what you need to concentrate on.

The Best-Looking Compound Bows for Web Design

As web designers, you need all the high quality photos that you use for your design to be perfect. A website’s layout will of course depend on its content and the pictures that you put will always have something to do with the website’s content as well. If you are designing a website for compound bows, you need to be able to provide photos that are high quality and are pleasing to the eye of your potential viewers.

Because archery is fast becoming popular when it comes to sports, there are many manufacturers that are releasing different kinds of compound bows. Most manufacturers differ in many areas like quality or material but what you should be focusing on as web designers is the overall appearance of the bow. You need to take note of the color, the shape and other aesthetic values of the bow—the functionality doesn’t really matter. It’s also important to know the difference between the types of bows.

The main purpose of putting up photos on a website is to attract viewers and give them a visual of what your product looks like. This is why it’s important for the product to look very attractive and draw attention to curious customers. If you are looking for the best looking compound bows, here are a few examples.

Bear Archery Products

The new Agenda 6 & 7 that Bear Archery products released are both maneuverable and shoots at top speed. Both of these models have the new Hinge Guard cable containment system that is new to Bear Archery products. This system minimizes torque every time you release an arrow. It also has Bear’s Max Pre-Load Quad Limbs and a range of 50-70 pounds of draw weight as well as a 75 percent let off. Bear also installed their H13 Hybrid cams for smoother transition. This bow looks sleek and sexy with its black silhouette and awesome frame. It will look good in every picture and the color is neutral so you can match it with other types of color.

Bowtech Archery

The flagship bow of Bowtech archery was unveiled and it is the Carbon Overdrive. This bow is made of carbon fiber to make it lightweight and easier to use. The Carbon Overdrive looks just like most of the compound bows out there but its design is much simpler and it looks really neat. It has red highlights on the limbs and the body which enhances its overall appearance. This amazing bow has 6 inches of brace height and is equipped with an aluminum riser to make it look even cooler.

Elite Archery

The Energy 32 and 35 of Elite Archery is the best bow to shoot with because they are short and compact. The skin of the Energy 32 bow is very unique and interesting and it looks very good in pictures. Unlike most compound bows with black finish, the Energy 32 sports a white body and limbs accentuated by brown highlights. If you are looking for something different apart from the usual compound bows, this is your bet.

Different Ideas for a Crossbow Website

Archery is now rising to the top of the most popular sports being practiced today. Because of this, many archery schools and archery based establishments are also being built and therefore, websites are being put up. Crossbows are not very traditional and in fact, some archers even look down on people who use crossbows because they do not follow the same rules of archery as traditional bows and are easier to use.

Although crossbows are ostracized by the archery society, there are still many people who are using it—you can even see them on TV. If you have a task to make a website that’s all about crossbows, you need to first figure out how you will present it and what you content you’re going to be putting there. There are many qualities of crossbows that you can concentrate on as content for your website.

Crossbow vs Traditional bows

Aside from the difference in appearance, there are many other differences between a crossbow and traditional bows. You’re website can revolve around this and then you can put up pictures of both types of bows. There are 2 different types of traditional bows, the recurve and the compound bow. Both are vertical in appearance and you have to have the proper stance and experience to shoot them accurately. A crossbow is horizontal and it is fairly easy to aim and shoot it at any point even if you are just a beginner. You can also talk about the difference in design and functionality when it comes to crossbows and traditional bows. Another good topic would be the different accessories that can be used with these different types of bows.


The main purpose of target shooting or hunting is to hit your target. There is a difference between traditional bows and crossbows when it comes to their accuracy and you can also choose this topic as your webpage content. You can line up all the different types of bows and then compare their accuracy and give your opinions about each one of them. Some may say that accuracy will be based on your archery skills but the bow that you are using greatly affects your accuracy as well. You can discuss this further and also make sure to identify different types of accessories that will increase your accuracy for these different types of bows. If you’re new to the sport, you may want to focus on buying beginner level crossbows.

Ease of shooting

As an archer, you’d be shooting arrows all the time and you’d want to get a bow that is the easiest to shoot. You can talk about the difference between how easy it is to shoot crossbows and how shooting with traditional bows require more technical skills and experience. Most crossbows operate using a trigger which ideally makes it easier to point and shoot. However, ease of shooting may not mean that your shot will always be accurate so you need to emphasize on that as well. Some archers may have to choose between ease of shooting and accuracy and sacrifice one over the other.

Why Messenger Bags are fit for Web Designers

Just like how backpacks have been the “in” thing for the longest time, messenger bags are gaining popularity and are starting to be the bag that everyone is using. You may wonder why but there are plenty of reasons to trust the old messenger bag. Messenger bags were made for bike couriers to deliver their goods to houses or offices around the city. They were made to be comfortable and easy to carry even when you’re cycling. Since couriers use this bag, they are supposed to be spacious and can carry a lot of things.

If you are a web designer, then the perfect bag is a messenger bag. Chances are you always bring your laptop with you everywhere you go. You’d be amazed that any size of laptop can fit in this messenger bag and can accommodate everything that you need to bring to the office or if you are meeting with a client. Here are some of the many reasons why you should definitely get a messenger bag as a web designer.

Different sizes

Messenger bags come in different sizes and it dictates how much it can carry. If you have a big laptop, you can purchase the larger size messenger bag. Some messenger bags also come with a laptop sleeve which is specifically designed to hold your laptop and protect it from any kind of harm. A messenger bag with a large size will usually fit a 15 inch laptop.

Many compartments

A messenger bag has a lot of compartment where you can put the things that you bring along for work. You also have easy access pockets where you can put the things that you use the most like mobile phones or pens. There are also accessories that you can buy that add more pockets and compartments to your messenger bag if you need extra space.


Most messenger bags are waterproof because they were designed to be carried around by bike couriers and they need to adapt to different types of weather. If your stuff is important to not get wet, then messenger bags will provide a solution for that problem as well. As a web developer and designer, you’re sure to have a lot of electronic gadgets in your bag and you wouldn’t want them to be wet. But even if you didn’t bring your laptop along, you wouldn’t want anything in your bag to get wet so this is really a very cool addition and feature.

Easy to carry

Again, these bags are very easy to carry and you won’t even feel tired even if you carry it around for hours on end. These bags were designed to rest on your back because they are mainly used by cyclists. However, even if you are not riding a bike, it’s still easy to carry and you will find that it’s very comfortable to use even if you are carrying a lot of things inside. The material used to make these bags is also very lightweight and is not irritating to the skin.

Walking as Exercise for Web Designers

Web designers spend most of their time sitting down in front of their computers while doing their work. This period can last from days on end to weeks or even months of sedentary lifestyle. Because of this work environment and lifestyle, web designers can suffer many health risks which can lead to major health issues.

A good way to combat these health issues is to make sure that you have enough exercise when your schedule allows it. This will allow you to sweat and get rid of the bad toxins that you’ve accumulated inside your body while working on your current project. A good type of exercise that doesn’t require much effort or skills is walking. You can give about 1 or 2 hours of your time to exercise by walking around the block or at the park.

If you’ve decided to give walking a try and exercise maybe once or twice a week then that’s good news. The next thing you have to consider is buying good walking shoes that will help you walk longer miles and still feel comfortable. Your main goal should be for your feet to not feel any pain or aching while you are walking around and getting good exercise. There are many types of walking shoes available today you should always go for the ones with the highest quality.

Here are some examples:

Ryka Radiant

These shoes are known to have great arch support and are also breathable to make sure that your feet are cool. It also has a great combination of cushioning and support. It’s so comfortable that you will feel like you soaked your feet in butter. It comes equipped with multiple flex grooves on its outsole for a natural heel to toe stride while walking. It also makes sure that you don’t get any blisters with its comfortable sock liner.

New Balance 615

This very sleek and beautiful shoe is the best choice if you are a power walker. It has the perfect amount of cushioning to support your feet and it’s also equipped with the guide your stride flex grooves on its outsole as well as an arch stabilizing post located in its midsole. These features will guarantee that you’re as steady as can be while maintaining a non stiff footing.

New Balance 860

This is a shoe with a very flexible toe that helps you push off and make your pace a lot quicker. If you think you are going too fast, you don’t need to worry because this shoe is equipped with an ankle padding that will make sure that you have your heel in place at all times. It also comes with a mesh upper to make sure cold wind is buffered.

Ahnu Rockridge II

These lightweight shoes can perform as a walking and hiking shoe and they are very flexible. It features a rugged sole that makes sure to grip the terrain as you go up and down every hill but is also bendable enough to let you have a smooth stride as you go along. It also has a reinforced toe area that makes sure to protect your feet when you bump into rocks.

Pet Hair Vacuums for Web Designers

Just admit it; you can’t live without your pets. As web designers you are pretty much doomed to like these cute and cuddly pets. However, reality checks in when your pets leave behind traces of their pet hair all over the house. It can get annoying and can make your house look filthy at times. If you have asthma or some sort of allergy, it may also be triggered by pet hair. There are times when your dog is shedding its coat and it can result to two to three times more hair than you can ever imagine.

To combat being buried alive in under heaps of pet hair, you need a trusty vacuum to clean with. If you are a web designer, chances are you don’t even have much time to clean around the house and having a vacuum cleaner will speed things up for you. That being said, you need to consider buying a powerful vacuum cleaner to do the job for you when you have some free time.

Shopping for a good vacuum cleaner may look like a simple task but in reality, it’s really hard and you need to consider many things. The features that you need to consider will depend on your cleaning needs, the type of house that you have and the time that you are willing to spend on cleaning after your beloved pets. There are many types of vacuum cleaner available in department stores today but not all of them will fit your needs. If you’ve already figured out what type of vacuum cleaner you need, then it’s time to check these top sellers to see if they will suit you.

Panasonic MC-UL712

This lightweight and eco friendly upright vacuum cleaner is a healthy option for people suffering from allergies of all sorts. It’s bagless and equipped with a special kind of technology that will help make sure that your homes don’t have micro particles floating around. It also has a very powerful motor that will lift up the most stubborn dirt from every kind of surface in the house.

GTech AirRAM

If you want to avoid tripping on the vacuum cable while cleaning around the house, this machine is perfect for you. It is very powerful and can even be compared to an upright vacuum cleaner yet it also possesses the convenience of a lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner. Once it sucks up all the dirt, it will compress them into compact bales that can be put to the bin.

Miele S8320 Cat & Dog

Besides being very powerful when picking up dirt, it’s hard to find fault in this cylinder vacuum that is proven to be one of the best in the market today. It’s very easy to assemble and can be maneuvered easily when you’re cleaning your floors. It is also equipped with a turbo brush that digs up hair and fibres from the carpet. It’s also very efficient in all types of surfaces which makes it an all around vacuum cleaner for the house.

Online Dating for Techy People

Nowadays, online dating sites are a dime a dozen and some people find it interesting to take part in it. If you’re career revolves around being on the internet most of the time, you might be interested in trying to find your perfect mate online. This can prove to be very exciting because it’s a new experience for you. These websites usually list down a person’s profile as well as their likes and dislikes. You also have an option to send a message or chat with the person that you find interesting while browsing the website.

Most dating websites offer free trials but will eventually ask you to pay a specific amount after a month or so. If you’ve decided that you want to push through with online dating, then you can decide to pay for the membership fee and gain even more access to their database. It will also ensure that your profile is secure and that people who aren’t members of the website can gain access to it.

How it Works

Much like real life dating, online dating works by getting to know each other and exchanging messages to know each other’s likes and dislikes. You are also allowed to choose the person that you respond to just like in real life. The only difference is that you only get to see them in pictures at first although some dating websites have that feature where you can use your webcam to see each other in real time. Most interested parties meet in real life after getting to know each other for a few weeks or so and then it will seem like a real date.

After meeting each other, the natural course of dating takes over and you can decide whether you like the person that you met or not. You can also opt to go out with them a few more times before you decide. It may seem weird during the first few times since you met the person on the internet but you will get used to it overtime.


Most people are afraid that their security might be at risk once they subscribe to online dating websites. This is because they think strangers are able to look at their profile and stalk them. While there are online dating websites that may not be secure, this is not true for all dating websites. The trick is to find a trustworthy online dating website that has plenty of reviews to make sure that you are signing up for a legit website.

Some people are also afraid that they might be meeting with a psychopath or a crazy person who they met on the online dating websites. This is also not true because most dating websites are equipped with a psychological test before they even let members sign up. However, it’s still advised that you get to know the person that you are meeting really well before giving him your home address, phone number or any type of personal information.

If online dating is not for you, you may want to try online psychic love readings. It requires less personal information and you can easily ask for a free trial without any commitments.

Beauty Schools for Web Designers

Just because web designers are meant to sit around and design websites, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t look good when they attend parties or any special occasion—especially if they are women. However, being the busy people that they are, they might not have the time to set an appointment or go to beauty salons to get their hair and make-up done. Since they have an eye for detail and they are also working with art by designing websites and making them look pleasing to the eye, they can use this skill and learn how to do their hair and make-up to look fabulous in any type of gathering.

Some people may wonder why web designers need to dress up for special events but they don’t know that most corporations have at least 1 or 2 teams of web designers. Having corporate grand balls and gatherings require you to look your best and being busy is not an excuse to look like you just woke up and attended the party. Most of the people who own and handle the company will be mingling with you in these kinds of party and you need to look presentable at the very least.

There are many beauty schools that offer courses in hair and make-up. These schools were built by professionals who are already prominent in the industry so you can be sure that you are going to get your money’s worth. If you are short in your budget, these facilities also offer financing options that can work for you. Enrolling is easy and learning can be very fun and you will learn a lot. Here are some of the top beauty schools today.

The Aveda Institute

This institute is one of the best and most regarded beauty schools today. Aveda is sure to teach you everything that you need to know about making yourself look beautiful. They also offer financial support as well as job placement opportunities after you graduate. You will also be connected with a big network of professionals after graduating. One of the biggest advantages that Aveda has is their continue education program where graduates of the institute will come back and do a talk where they can inspire students to become like them.

Empire Beauty School

Empire beauty school has been around for more than 75 years and they have schools in more than 20 states in the U.S. Most of the graduates of this school have gone to join the show business industry or opened their own salons and travelled all over the world. This school is dedicated to help you achieve your dreams and push you to be at your best. The Empire Beauty School is one of the schools that have amazing job placements after you graduate.

Sassoon Academy

This Academy was built by Vidal Sassoon who revolutionized the way people look at hair dressing because of his unique hair cuts that were looked unique and was advanced during his time. Sassoon Academy promises that you will be inspired by their courses and will go on to graduate and start your career with a bang.