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3 Great Ideas for Fitness Website Designs


fitnessWebsite design varies based on the niche or intended purpose for the website. It is not possible to have a food blog having the same design as a fitness blog. They might share a few features, but at some point, they will have to be distinct. Having a fitness website is good because many people are looking for ways to deal with their fitness issues. It is not just about creating a website, but creating something that sells. Here are three ideas on how a great fitness website should look.

Give the readers a user-friendly Website

The first thing a user would want is a website that is easy to navigate. Having a clumsy website might not be interesting to as many people as you want. Having proper navigation should help a person get all the relevant information within a short time. Use the menus and sub-menus to highlight the important categories on the website.

Another way of making it easy for the user to get important information is through using the search bar. It would not be proper if a website lacks a search bar. The search bar helps the user to search and find the fitness information on the website without having to go through the menu bars.

The overall design starting with the color schemes, the number of columns and other website features should be arranged in an appealing manner. Someone would feel comfortable using a fitness blog that is appealing to look at and has its features in the right places.

Optimize for mobile traffic

Think about it, many people are accessing the internet using their mobile devices. These devices do not have the same screen size as the laptops and desktops. This calls for optimizing the mobile version of your fitness website.  You can check out these tools to help you.

Instead of having to design two separate websites, one for mobile and other for desktop, consider using a responsive design. A responsive design makes the website to resize based on the device screen size. It will save you a lot of time and money by skipping the part of designing different websites.

Mobile traffic is quite important than many people realize. It is about time that you capitalized on making sure that it works for you.

Give them a review section and more call-to-action links

The readers will want to know if the product works. The use of reviews posted on the website is a great way of helping the user know more about the fitness products and equipment. The reviews should be collected from people who have used the product. You will be providing false information by writing the reviews yourself without prior use of the equipment.

The reviews give the reader a feeling that the blog or website owner has extensive knowledge about the devices listed on the website. A website such as Elliptical Reviews just like this: is a perfect example of how the website reviews should be structured to offer extensive knowledge on the subject. Another example is this page:

Now that you have offered the reader with review information, you need call-to-action links to get them buying the products. Call-to-action words or links are what will make the client feel interested enough to buy the product. That will not happen if you have done a shoddy work writing the reviews. Make the reviews are interesting and informative.