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I made this blog to bring web designers together and make sure that we have a place to share knowledge and ideas as well as our work. All the topics that I will be posting will have something to do about web designing, designers and our lifestyle. You will know more about us and how we live and how we do our work. Web designers are everywhere and when I say everywhere, we are inside our rooms.
This blog is open to everyone who wants to share their thoughts and opinions or leave a comment about the topic that I posted. You can also choose to send me an email about any topic that you might want to discuss or have posted on my blog. You may think that only web designers are welcome to join in our comments section, but everyone is welcome. I also want to know who reads this blog so we don’t feel like I’m wasting my time. Before I forget, you will also find some tutorials or information on this blog that you can use to design your own web page in the future.
To tell you more about myself, my job is to design and create different types of website for companies and professionals. I work mostly at home and I am online 24/7. My hobbies include archery, running, watching movies and listening to music from time to time. I’ve been lacking sleep for more than 5 years now and I love my pets who all live with me in my house.

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