The Best-Looking Compound Bows for Web Design

As web designers, you need all the high quality photos that you use for your design to be perfect. A website’s layout will of course depend on its content and the pictures that you put will always have something to do with the website’s content as well. If you are designing a website for compound bows, you need to be able to provide photos that are high quality and are pleasing to the eye of your potential viewers.

Because archery is fast becoming popular when it comes to sports, there are many manufacturers that are releasing different kinds of compound bows. Most manufacturers differ in many areas like quality or material but what you should be focusing on as web designers is the overall appearance of the bow. You need to take note of the color, the shape and other aesthetic values of the bow—the functionality doesn’t really matter. It’s also important to know the difference between the types of bows.

The main purpose of putting up photos on a website is to attract viewers and give them a visual of what your product looks like. This is why it’s important for the product to look very attractive and draw attention to curious customers. If you are looking for the best looking compound bows, here are a few examples.

Bear Archery Products

The new Agenda 6 & 7 that Bear Archery products released are both maneuverable and shoots at top speed. Both of these models have the new Hinge Guard cable containment system that is new to Bear Archery products. This system minimizes torque every time you release an arrow. It also has Bear’s Max Pre-Load Quad Limbs and a range of 50-70 pounds of draw weight as well as a 75 percent let off. Bear also installed their H13 Hybrid cams for smoother transition. This bow looks sleek and sexy with its black silhouette and awesome frame. It will look good in every picture and the color is neutral so you can match it with other types of color.

Bowtech Archery

The flagship bow of Bowtech archery was unveiled and it is the Carbon Overdrive. This bow is made of carbon fiber to make it lightweight and easier to use. The Carbon Overdrive looks just like most of the compound bows out there but its design is much simpler and it looks really neat. It has red highlights on the limbs and the body which enhances its overall appearance. This amazing bow has 6 inches of brace height and is equipped with an aluminum riser to make it look even cooler.

Elite Archery

The Energy 32 and 35 of Elite Archery is the best bow to shoot with because they are short and compact. The skin of the Energy 32 bow is very unique and interesting and it looks very good in pictures. Unlike most compound bows with black finish, the Energy 32 sports a white body and limbs accentuated by brown highlights. If you are looking for something different apart from the usual compound bows, this is your bet.

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