Why Messenger Bags are fit for Web Designers

Just like how backpacks have been the “in” thing for the longest time, messenger bags are gaining popularity and are starting to be the bag that everyone is using. You may wonder why but there are plenty of reasons to trust the old messenger bag. Messenger bags were made for bike couriers to deliver their goods to houses or offices around the city. They were made to be comfortable and easy to carry even when you’re cycling. Since couriers use this bag, they are supposed to be spacious and can carry a lot of things.

If you are a web designer, then the perfect bag is a messenger bag. Chances are you always bring your laptop with you everywhere you go. You’d be amazed that any size of laptop can fit in this messenger bag and can accommodate everything that you need to bring to the office or if you are meeting with a client. Here are some of the many reasons why you should definitely get a messenger bag as a web designer.

Different sizes

Messenger bags come in different sizes and it dictates how much it can carry. If you have a big laptop, you can purchase the larger size messenger bag. Some messenger bags also come with a laptop sleeve which is specifically designed to hold your laptop and protect it from any kind of harm. A messenger bag with a large size will usually fit a 15 inch laptop.

Many compartments

A messenger bag has a lot of compartment where you can put the things that you bring along for work. You also have easy access pockets where you can put the things that you use the most like mobile phones or pens. There are also accessories that you can buy that add more pockets and compartments to your messenger bag if you need extra space.


Most messenger bags are waterproof because they were designed to be carried around by bike couriers and they need to adapt to different types of weather. If your stuff is important to not get wet, then messenger bags will provide a solution for that problem as well. As a web developer and designer, you’re sure to have a lot of electronic gadgets in your bag and you wouldn’t want them to be wet. But even if you didn’t bring your laptop along, you wouldn’t want anything in your bag to get wet so this is really a very cool addition and feature.

Easy to carry

Again, these bags are very easy to carry and you won’t even feel tired even if you carry it around for hours on end. These bags were designed to rest on your back because they are mainly used by cyclists. However, even if you are not riding a bike, it’s still easy to carry and you will find that it’s very comfortable to use even if you are carrying a lot of things inside. The material used to make these bags is also very lightweight and is not irritating to the skin.

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